El Clemente

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El Clemente is a secular school located in the heart of Montevideo that offers a customized education methodology, whose main goal is to guarantee the student’s personal and academic development based on this simple manifesto "feeling, sharing and living are the keys of being".

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Lucía Martínez
Lucía Martínez


Andrés Bolani
Andrés Bolani

Project Manager

Lucía Legelén
Lucía Legelén


Bruno Sastre
Bruno Sastre

Front End Developer

Pablo Novoa
Pablo Novoa


Our Participation

El Clemente, on their constant motivation to grow, innovate and advance along with science and technology, was quite enthusiastic about Ameba’s proposal and approach. We presented improvements in terms of email communication with parents and promotion on their educational proposal through a brand new responsive website optimized for search engines, using SEO and SEM strategies. Also supported by massive publications on social media to give more visibility to the institution and the changes they were doing.


Logotype Re-design

We started by adjusting their logotype to work better on several applications but maintaining all the main featured elements of the composition. The adjustment work wasn’t that easy as we had to take in consideration it’s presence over the years and the emotional value added by the founders, workers and students.

New Website

A new website was designed fulfilling with all the institution requirements and needs. The challenge? Achieve a clean, current and responsive experience where all the information were correctly hierarchized, understandable and easy to access for all kind of users and across all devices.


Social Media

The client wanted to have some presence in social networks in order to be much closer and interact more with their students. Also as a useful tool to be connected with their parents and share experiences and important communications in a single channel. On Ameba we took the challenge with a creative and fun approach, creating a social media strategy along with imagery, animation and video content to generate brand awareness and engage their social audience.

Institutional Video

As a welcome on social networks, we created a very cool animated video about the institution values doing special focus on the student evolution trough all school stage; from kindergarten to High school studies. The video was so well received and appreciated that was used for multiple purposes and also presented on related institutions events.


A new year began, and the client would had to do several formal communications regarding parents’ meetings, the beginning of classes, and everything that goes with it. In order to make it warn in an orderly and clear way, client face mailing templates were designed and developed for the different types of communications sent through various email campaigns.


Results Analysis

El Clemente had an excellent repercussion after all the changes and improvements done on their communication. Workers and families related to the institution were fully satisfied to be able to receive the information in a much more organized way, solving most of the issues they were having in the past. Visits to the site signfically increased, as well as social networks becaming quite popular, with new followers everyday.

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