Handmade Spirit

Chouet is a clothing brand with self personality that goes beyond the article of clothing and represents a spirit, a way of seeing, thinking and feeling design and fashion. The brand starts from the exploration of antique techniques such as knitting applied to last global trends.

Fabricio D’Agata
Fabricio D’Agata

Our Work

The identity has to reflect the essence of the handmade collections with touch and harmony in which the attention to every detail makes a unique article of clothing. We identified the textures and that compromise with detail as a differential that could be translated to the graphic pieces that goes along with the logotype. The most raw concepts that define the venture, it understanding of fashion and the self personality of its target were translated into a morphological and chromatic palette that screams youth, fresh and quality.

Once finished the graphic and conceptual rules that defines the brand, we multiplied patterns and studied crochet points as well as material characteristics of the clothes to create a recognizable and characteristic graphic universe.

Moda y Personalidad - Chouet por Ameba Diseño
tarjeta personal chouet
ilustracion chouet

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