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Strategy in Digital Transformation and Site Redesign

TM Forum is a member-based organization for the communications and digital services industry. Their membership engages in online collaboration to create industry standards and the organization holds events and conferences, in-person and online training, benchmarking and conformance testing, and operates a robust research and publications arm.


Miguel Vallvé
Miguel Vallvé

Engagement Manager

Pablo Amato
Pablo Amato

Technical Leader

Alejandra Laxalde
Alejandra Laxalde

Project Manager

Bruno Sastre
Bruno Sastre

Frontend Developer

María Noel Armas
María Noel Armas


Iberia Medrano
Iberia Medrano



Analysis and methodology

The goal was to provide members of the forum with all the content and the tools to increase their active participation and to add new members through recommendations. After analyzing different types of content, strategic planning began in order to determine how much content and in which way it would be displayed on the site and what its hierarchy would be. This required a study of user behaviour from both quantitative and qualitative sources. We worked closely with the IT, marketing, product development, events, publications, and community departments for several months, in which they told us about their needs and shared their complaints about the former website. Our work was efficiently coordinated by agile methodologies and scrum.

The key

The challenge in this project was the integration of different platforms and technologies required by the client and the migration of others, all while events, marketing actions and courses kept happening as usual.

TM Forum Website

The Complexity

In almost two years of work we generated methodologies, documentation for technical users and admins, optimization of over 20,000 pages and their integration with support platforms, CRM, online courses, community management and e-Commerce. E-Commerce was a challenge itself, as the products TM Forum sells are mostly documents created by leaders of the largest tech companies, brought together by TM Forum.

Microsoft, Apple, Huawei and many others collaborate through a specifically programmed platform where they generate frameworks, standards, innovation articles and other types of publications which are then translated into WooCommerce products that are finally linked to Amazon, where the users check out their purchases.


The ecosystem

At the same time, we had to use the data obtained from user experience analysis into new and coherent graphic interfaces to go with the internal transformations the client was undergoing. The graphic ecosystem is currently a large library of resources, rules and examples, including wireframing, logo creation, branding and more, where style, functionality and ways of interaction are defined.

The large size of the site itself and the sheer amount of information on display is overwhelming. On the site, over 20 microsites coexist, as well as an enormous number of landing pages focused on a specific subject, in order to avoid distracting the user with the infinite world that is TM Forum.



User commitment to the new site has visibly grown compared to the previous site and it is expected that the next Net Promoter Score will show an increase in user satisfaction. User interest has doubled and visit frequency has been raised by 50%.

+ 234%

Both members and non-members increased their participation on the site and its content during the re-design process.

+ 53%

The percentage of visitors outgrew previous numbers.

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