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Transformation Accelerator

Speed Up your Digital Transformation

Transformation Accelerator is a collaborative business-oriented tool brought by Tr3Dent that help you model complex ecosystems and business.

Our Role

Ameba joined Transformation Accelerator to develop a new graphic identity for Tr3dent's new product. Some years ago, we had done Tr3dent's website, marketing strategy, and branding which made this project easier for everyone as most of the research was already done (just needed a small update).

After defining the branding identity and strategy, we moved to the user interface and user experience of a running platform developed in Angular JS with a Ruby backend. We teamed up with the backend guys based on Ireland and Germany and assumed a scrum master role in the weekly sprints.

Finally, we took a consultancy part in the product development strategy which in November 2017 secured US$ 350k of seed investment.

Data as the Main Asset

The primary app goal is to give business owners a comprehensive overview of their business and action points to make it move forward. A modular component design approach fed the app dashboards and reports to achieve that goal while giving the development reasonable scalability and guaranteed its organic growth.

More than 30 business development oriented modules connect the dots in a friendly interface that solve complex logic. Data gets multidimensional treatment and smart automatizations based on frameworks standards such as TM Forum Frameworks.

From Design to Code

Ameba started as a UX/UI consultancy contractor although the ease-of-use and power of the tool made us an active company providing real user feedback and learning tons about business development.

CurateFX a TM Forum licence

As part of its business model, Tr3dent offers a licensing option for big organizations and companies that need custom solutions or have their own standards. Each license requires extra modules plus some branding adjustment. That is the case of CurateFx under license to TM Forum by Tr3Dent.

Boost your UX/UI

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