Our Team

The best results are achieved as a team, and that's the reason why we work with professionals from different areas that bring back a different vision to each challenge.
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Miguel Vallvé
Phagocytized on 24/11/2016
Lucía Martínez
Phagocytized on 24/11/2016
Fabricio D’Agata
Phagocytized on 24/11/2016
Ligia Mazzilli
Project Manager
Phagocytized on 3/12/2013
Andrés Bolani
Project Manager
Phagocytized on 7/5/2014
Alejandra Laxalde
Project Manager
Phagocytized on 1/8/2014
Lucía Legelén
Phagocytized on 29/2/2016
Mela de Paula
Phagocytized on 28/3/2016
Bruno Sastre
Designer & Developer
Phagocytized on 4/10/2013
Pablo Novoa
Phagocytized on 2/3/2015
Juan Espinosa
Phagocytized on 26/2/2017


Amy Lamperti
Marketing & Product Development
Phagocytized on 2/4/2013
Pablo Amato
IT Consultor
Phagocytized on 3/4/2013
Iberia Medrano
Graphic & Web Designer
Phagocytized on 4/4/2013
Matías Prego
Project Manager
Phagocytized on 13/6/2014
María Noel Armas
Phagocytized on 24/8/2015


Strategic alliances allow us to delegate and consult experts in all areas to address every detail in the best way as possible.

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Develop your mobile app either native (iOS & Android) or using frameworks such as Ionic or React Native.

We cannot cover it all and 1950labs help us with Microsoft technologies like .NET, C#, SQL, Entity Framework, LinQ, WCF, Asp.NET Web Api and Azure.

Startup Copy Guy

Creative copy and content writing for tech, crypto, and startup businesses looking to take their brand communications to the next level.

PR, marketing, and media relations collective with global reach and technology sector expertise.

Mercury Creative is a digital marketing agency that give support to business and companies growth through excellent designs, marketing and leader technologies in the market.

Prosis is a company that provides global solutions in information technology. Their main activity is related to software development, but also Internet solutions, hardware sales and supplies.

Skizze is a design studio with a young and creative style focused events and craft-made solutions.

Global solutions for architects, engineers and interior designers. Their focus involves rendering services and planimetry.