The National Fuel, Alcohol and Portland Amdinistration

The National Fuel, Alcohol and Portland Amdinistration it is a multinational state-owned company responsible to exploit and manage the monopoly of alcohol and domestic fuel, portland cement and import, refine and sell petroleum products.

Lucía Martínez
Lucía Martínez

Andrés Bolani
Andrés Bolani


Our Work

Ancap commissioned us to design digital and editorial material for internal employee training. One of this pieces was a booklet about the Annual Training Plan, which also had its digital version that incorporated a pdf form where employees could complete their data to sign up to the different courses of the plan.


The idea was to work with a clean design, by making use of big margins and white space that could communicate clearly the necessary information. Highlight colors were used based on Ancap´s institutional palette to emphasize the most relevant information. Simple line iconograhpy helped to organize content and distinguish between courses.

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