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A brand new gourmet food company that aims to solve the typical boring take-out meal by delivering to your door fresh and delicious ingredients and instructions to assemble the pizza of your choice by yourself. With Iammi, you are the chef.

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Fabricio D’Agata
Fabricio D’Agata

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Lucía Martínez

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Miguel Vallvé

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Bruno Sastre

Alimentos Gourmet de Iammi para cocinar en casa

Our Work

Iammi was looking for an agency partner who could help them with all of the various activities required for a full brand and company launch. The challenge was to generate a young and friendly brand that also reflects the quality of their products and ingredients. Mariana Ripoll, at d2, contacted Ameba in order to help them create their brand.

Our art director took charge of the project early on, building a solid corporate identity which maintained its initial essence throughout the project, even as it incorporated new elements. Once the graphic outlines were defined, our biggest challenge had to do with packaging design.



There simply were not many printers in Uruguay which could print the package we had designed (based on the client's requirements) in the necessary number. The entire packaging design process involved a comprehensive study of the materials' market availability as well as of the machinery that could handle them and the suppliers willing to take on this challenge.

At the same time, a social media campaign was developed and executed announcing the launch. This included the development of a landing page with a clear conversion goal: obtaining user's emails in order to mail newsletters afterwards.


The campaign's

The campaign's taglines were: "Something cool is coming to Montevideo" and "A new way to mix and match what you like".

Once the campaign had gathered enough information, we developed a website where users could make their orders and interact with the different social media campaigns. The website's design (currently offline due to a lack of maintenance from the company) and its custom CMS collected statistical information about the user's behaviour on the landing page and the sort of interactions that happened on social media. We also coordinated and supervised a photo shoot, which Mariana Ripoll oversaw. Diego Zalduondo's photography was essential in finalizing the website and other key pieces for the launch strategy.


Communication Strategy

Once the site and the packaging were done, Iammi embarked on an agressive media and marketing campaign which included radio appearances, articles in the press and advertising in most traditional media.

After some time we were asked to do some more work for Iammi: new packaging for supermarkets. We currently have an excellent relationship with Iammi's management and investors, with whom we have already began other projects.

Result Analysis

Our work introduced Iammi to the local market and positioned it as an innovative project, besides helping it increase its sales and open up new business opportunities.

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