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YouVeda is a holistic approach to maintaining a healthy body and mind, through a fusion of botanical and herbal extracts, Ayurvedic medicine, learning, and modern technology. The Brand was looking for a design and technology partner who could help them in shaping up their vision and build the foundation for their brand and product launch.

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Fabricio D’Agata
Fabricio D’Agata

Miguel Vallvé
Miguel Vallvé

Ligia Mazzilli
Ligia Mazzilli

Mela de Paula
Mela de Paula

Bruno Sastre
Bruno Sastre



For the creation of YouVeda's visual identity, it was necessary to develop a brand strategy where its vision, organic nature and high quality of their products was visually reflected in each brand component.
Under the "connection with the intelligence of Mother Earth" and "High-end technology on their production" premise, we worked on a neat graphic that inspires wellness and nature, with a clear feminine representation that references to Mother Nature, as well as the target audience.

In addition to the logotype, it was necessary to define a visual system for the identification of each product variants. Following with the bold concept of nature, we took inspiration on the four seasons concept for the definition of the graphic elements and the chromatic change among products.



The packaging development presented a great challenge and a unique opportunity to make a functional and re-usable packaging system aligned with the eco-friendly brand vision. The presentation, as well as the supplements preservation are key factors for the company, so we worked to make the consumer experience to be as sensational as the products themselves by adding the sense of touch and smell in addition to the visual design.

The system has one shipping package, a product container, and 30 sachets bags for each daily dose of supplements.

Website Design & Development

For sure, the website is one of the main pieces for the company's proper functioning. It is their main sales channel and place for the consumers to have access to all the information about the brand and their products. The development was made on WordPress and WooCommerce, and we had multiple meetings with the client to ensure that the user interface and site navigation reflected the same experience achieved with the branding and packaging.

The Home page displays a high impact design that summarizes all the content related to the brand, doing a great emphasis on explaining how the service works and presenting their product offering.

But, it's not all about selling! A differentiating factor in their service is education and guidance through a Knowledge center specialized on promoting healthy living by incorporating the Ayurvedic lifestyle based on their supplement regime.

On the other hand, for the individual product pages, we aimed to give more visibility to all the information related to the supplement's benefits, featured blends, manufacturing process and certifications that assurance the quality of the products.

Mobile App

We also worked on the mobile app design and user experience for Android and iOS. This application provides to consumers with nutritional education and coaching through yoga exercise programs, meditation, articles, and tips that are complemented by the acquired supplement program. An application that helps the consumer to monitor and reach their goals on the way to know a better self.

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