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From ​The Central Bank of Uruguay they contribute to the diffusion and better understanding of economic and financial matters by society as a whole, to be digested as a natural ingredient in our day-to-day life. The ​BCU Educa program develops educational activities regarding the confidence and security of money, through the Treasury Department, in public and private schools and, as well as theoretical and practical concepts on the importance of economic resource planning in the day-to-day basis .

Miguel Vallvé
Miguel Vallvé


Fabricio D’Agata
Fabricio D’Agata


Value of Money

Our collaboration started on February of 2013 designing teaching print material for the educational activities held for that year.

Some of the workshops involved the understanding of debit and credit cards systems versus cash. These plastic cards must have look real and were delivered inside wallets as part of a dynamic and creative reenactment.

Theacher Spreadsheets

Two design guidelines were executed for primary school and highshool teacher materials, keeping a graphic coherence as well as a quick differentiation through different color palletes and illustration of kids from different age stages.


We made a content interpretation and provide unique graphic elements for each tab in order to contribute to the quick understanding of the material by teachers and students.

With that purpose, we were allowed to manipulate and continue with the creation of new characters in different situations to visually support the programm activities.



Print Management

In order to facilitate the purchase orders, BCU Educa requested us to manage the print quality control. This is a service we usually offer to our client because dealing with color swatches, registry errors, matrices and inks is no easy task.

The spreadsheets are still available and can be downloaded at the BCU website.

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