Cobros Ya

The Best Way to Accept Online Payments

Cobros Ya is an online platform that allows you to make payments without the need to handle cash. Along with the new local law that aims to reduce the paper money circulation, this app offers a confortable and safe way of making any online payment from a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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Lucía Martínez
Lucía Martínez

Engagement Manager

Andrés Bolani
Andrés Bolani

Project Manager

Matías Prego
Matías Prego

Frontend Developer


Our Work

Along with Cardinal agency, we've redesign Cobros Ya's branding to come up with a product closer to the apps current design standards. It was adopted to a simplier, flat and full color design, getting rid of lighting effects, line strokes, boring color palletes and dropped shadows of its earlier visual identity.

In this redesign we decided to choose a brighter color palette with greater strength and contrast, where the orange has the leading role. The diagonals marks dynamism, the iconography helps the user experience (UX) and the photography generates the necessary visual impact for advertising pieces.

Finally, the most important piece of all set of visual identity: the logo. We work on a robust but readable typography that works great small sizes and also generating a ligature between the "y" and the "a" of "ya", achieving a logo with better pregnancy and personality.

This radical branding change also genetated the challenge of updating other existing designs pieces, such as the app interface, website, print advertising, and more. In advertising pieces, for example, vector illustrations were replaced by photographies or simple iconography that goes together to this visual change throughout the ecosystem.

The Results

The app became quite notorious thanks to the digital and traditional marketing actions where advertisement was the protagonists in all the media used.

In terms of digital marketing, we've coordinated and directed SEM strategies (Search Engine Marketing) through two powerful advertising tools like Google Display and Google Search, due to their scope and segmentation possibilities.

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