JMC Trucks

JMC trucks are globally recognized for their design, quality, performance and cost-effectiveness. A brand held by Santa Rosa Motors that offers reliability, comfort, performance and the best price per shipped kilo.

Miguel Vallvé
Miguel Vallvé

Engagement Manager

Alejandra Laxalde
Alejandra Laxalde

Project Manager

Santiago Ramos
Santiago Ramos

Frontend Developer

María Noel Armas
María Noel Armas


jmc responsive design, how the website looks on different screen sizes

Our Participation

Through Nicolás Lawlor, Digital Director at Ginkgo Mullenlowe, we had the opportunity to work on JMC’s website project bringing the designs we received from the agency to life (coding).

The Challenge

Apart from the designs coding phase the challenge was to discern how to structure the data so that the client could edit the content in their language; e.g. Cylinders, models and versions replaced the categories, tags and taxonomies from the WordPress platform.
We started the website planning logic and execution based on drafts until we received the final designs. First, we developed all the sections and worked on responsive adjustments for mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Then, the developers made their magic and coded all the relevant features. Finally, the website was optimized to make Google love us a little bit more.

Result Analysis

Once all these phases were done, multiple testing instances happened. The products’ contents were loaded by empirically testing the admin panel user experience (UX). With over 9,000 users per month visiting the website since its launch (with some peaks that meet specific marketing actions) JMC’s website has a score of 100/100 given by Google Optimization for Mobile sites and a growing number of fans on their social networks. JMC is positioning itself pretty fast.

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